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What do you know about "Ryokan"?


What do you know about “Ryokans”?
Ryokans are Japanese style inns usually at hot spring resorts.
They are not just accommodation facilities where you stay overnight without meals. “Ryokans” have much more value and joy to stay at, such as experiencing authentic culture and hospitality. “The Ryokan” style is based on traditional Japanese style housing. There are “Tatami” floors in each room. When you sleep, you put a “Futon” on the “Tatami” which gives you deep sleep and good dreams. If you have time, you can enjoy hot springs or baths and local culture such as food. You can also talk with local people which you cannot get so easily just by visiting temples and famous places.


  We are delight to serving our customers in a spirit of hospitality, with the politeness of Japan. We sometimes get visitors from overseas who are unfamiliar with the things we do and ask us what it means. It’s a joyful time for us to be able to communicate to them about the spirit behind Japanese culture. 
Ms. Himoto,Okamisan at Ichinokura
 Ichinokura aims for customer's safety and satisfaction, we will make three promises.

Omotenashi (Japanese Hospitality)

Ichinokura Ryokan is providing you an calming atmosphere and  greeting all our guest in family-like way.

Homemade Cuisine

 We prepared dishes with local ingredient and vegetables grown by ourself.


You can discover Japanese culture by staying in a Japanese Ryokan instead of modern-style hotel.


About Us


Name 旅館

Ichinokura 一之倉

Address 地址

399-9301 Nagano Prefecture Kitaazumi-gun Hakuba hokujyo 23930
399-9301 長野縣 北安曇郡 白馬村 北城 23930

Owner 旅館經營者

Masayuki Himoto 樋本正行

Phone and fax number 電話&傳真

Phone  電話 0261-72-3254

Mobile 手機 090-1562-9603 Masayuki Himoto

Mobile 手機 090-8019-1054