Cottage Shirouma   

Enjoy Cottage Style Inn

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Enjoy Shirouma Cottage and feel like your home

First floor washitsu japanese-style room ,1 bed room, Japanese sunken hearth and a large living room.Secound floor are also a bed room and a simple partition for your pets.You can enjoy an afternoon tea or play with your children and pets either. A self-catering cottage are giving you privacy and enjoy your stay with your friends and families.

HAKUBA a place that gives you Harmony.

Shinshu's Hakuba blessing by the great nature. Listening to birds singing a lovely tune for you and North alps views to fill your eyes .I'm sure it will Keep you away from stresses .


About Us


Name 旅館

Ichinokura 一之倉

Address 地址

399-9301 Nagano Prefecture Kitaazumi-gun Hakuba hokujyo 23930
399-9301 長野縣 北安曇郡 白馬村 北城 23930

Owner 旅館經營者

Masayuki Himoto 樋本正行

Phone and fax number 電話&傳真

Phone  電話 0261-72-3254

Mobile 手機 090-1562-9603 Masayuki Himoto

Mobile 手機 090-8019-1054




Thank you for contacting Ichinokura&Shirouma. Generally, our staff will answer your questions within 72 hours. If you are not contacted within that time, please give us a call.

※若想致電詢問 在線時間為早上10am至晚上8pm。